Becoming a Team Manager

The role of the team manager

Per the FHA bylaws, The duty of the team manager is to act as an administrative assistant to the head coach and to facilitate communications between coaches, parents, and the FHA board of directors. The team manager is also the custodian of team documents, the coordinator of events and travel for the team, and responsible for team finances.

Team Managers are basically involved in any and all off ice activities including:

  • Facilitating communications between parents, coaches & age-level directors
  • Maintaining the team event schedule
  • Making team travel arrangements & submitting travel permits
  • Creating the team budget and managing team finances
  • Reporting any SafeSport violation in accordance with the SafeSport Handbook

As the Team Manager, you take on the operational aspects of the team, allowing the coach to focus on player development and on-ice instruction. Communications is the key. Make sure all pertinent information is provided to parents and coaches in a timely manner. 

Important information to be aware of

  • Team staff should have NO contact with players until screening and SafeSport have been completed.
  • Roster must be approved PRIOR to first game.  
  • Must have an approved travel permit for any games (league, non-league, tournament) outside of Colorado.

Team Manager Checklist

All Team Managers MUST complete the following registrations and certifications:

  1. Register as a Volunteer with USA Hockey
  2. Complete National Background Screen (if your previous background screen expires prior to the end of the season).
  3. Review USA Hockey and FHA SafeSport policies and procedures.
  4. Complete USA Hockey Safe Sport Training. (Required on an annual basis.)
  5. Review the Team Manager Handbook and Sports Engine User Guide for Managers (below).
  6. Complete FHA Volunteer Registration.

After submission, your volunteer registration will be reviewed by the board of directors. Once you are cleared by USA Hockey, you will be contacted by the FHA Treasurer for banking procedures and SportsEngine setup.


  • All team staff & players must have a current USA Hockey registration number.
  • All teams must have an Official USA Hockey roster - The association registrar will provide you with a link to the roster. The link will remain constant throughout the season and will automatically reflect any changes to the roster. Use this link any time to download or print the team roster.


In order to be placed on the roster, coaches must have current training and certifications. Please review the coaches checklist on the coaches resource page.


In order to be placed on the roster, all managers must have:

  • Current SafeSport certification (Core Training or Refresher Course must be completed on an annual basis.)
  • Current background screening. 


  • Non-US citizens will need an approved transfer before being placed on a roster.
  • DOB/citizenship verification is a one-time requirement.

Code of Conduct:

  • No longer required by USAH but still required by CAHA. This information is still collected during the registration process and will be provided.

Consent to Treat:

  • No longer required by USAH for non-national bound teams. Even though it is not required by USA Hockey, this information is still collected during the registration process and can be provided, if needed.

National-bound teams (Tier 2)

Tier 2 managers must review and comply with the NB rules located on the CAHA website.

Tier 2 teams must have printed copies of their game score sheets!

Team manager handbook

Sample budget

GameSheet Quick Guide

Scoresheet Roster Sticker Template

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