Financial Aid

The FHA scholarship fund was developed to allow children to continue their participation in youth hockey even when their family is confronted with unforeseen economic hardship. By awarding scholarships to help offset a portion of the season fees, we are able to extend the opportunity to play to a greater number of those in need.  The exact number and amount of scholarships awarded in a given year is contingent upon the success of the association’s fundraising efforts and must be approved by the voting members of the FHA Board of Directors. 

We understand that economic hardship is a private matter. FHA has assembled a scholarship committee that reviews all applicants and awards based solely upon merit of the application. After award, the applicant identity remains confidential and is only released as needed to complete the transaction and maintain the record. 

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Information provided on this application is For Official use of the Foothills Hockey Association and will remain confidential.

For additional information, contact our Vice President

Larry Oletski

Vice President

How to Apply

To be considered, the online scholarship application must be completed in full and submitted by the deadline listed in the Key Dates section.  

Information needed to complete the application include: 

  1. A copy of the child’s last full school year transcript.
  2. A list of the child’s last three hockey teams, (if applicable) and head coaches.
  3. A letter of recommendation from a coach, teacher, scout leader etc. that highlights the applicant’s character and drive to succeed.
  4. A list of hockey events, if any, that your player participates in during the off season.
  5. A list of the non-hockey activities your child participates in, i.e. other sports, scouts, school/community etc.
  6. A “Recipient” Letter to be written by the child (Squirt-Aged and above) to explain what Hockey means to him/her, what life lessons it teaches, how he/she will give back their time to the Association, and what it means to be a Foothills Flyer. This Letter should also include descriptions of other community/extracurricular activities or volunteer community services in which the child participates (Eagle Scout, Math Club, Band, Karate, Church Food Banks, etc.)
  7. A financial disclosure and hardship description that should contain enough detail for the Scholarship Committee to truly evaluate the financial need. Additionally, the letter should indicate other extra-curricular activities in which the child participates that contribute to this financial hardship. If you have received a Scholarship Award in the past, also include details regarding any changes in the financial hardship from the previous award (loss of job, current/new employment, additional medical challenges, etc.). Parents may be asked to provide last year’s tax statements and W2’s.
  8. If the recipient is a 2nd Year Pee Wee or older, he/she must be willing to participate in the FHA Mentor Program. This is the recipient’s chance to give back his/her time and talent to others. The Parent Volunteer Requirement is NOT offset by the recipient’s participation in the FHA Mentor Program.

Families wishing to be considered must complete this application and return it to FHA between the dates outlined in the Key Dates section. Should it be necessary, applicants will be asked to participate in an in-person Scholarship Application Interview facilitated by the Scholarship Committee. Notification of such interview will be via phone call and email.

Award Process

Those who have been selected for a scholarship award will be notified and will receive a credit in the amount of the approved award toward the upcoming season’s registration fees.

Please note: Scholarships may be awarded in installments over a certain number of months. FHA reserves the right to void a portion of the scholarship or an installment payment due to low grades, or behavioral issues.

Key Dates

Scholarship applications will open when the new season opens. Please check back then for more details.

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