Our volunteers make it all happen

Foothills Hockey wouldn't be what it is, without the help of many, many amazing volunteers.  There are always opportunities for you to help out (and meet those volunteer requirements - hint, hint.)  We will continue to keep the community updated as needs arise.  

Right now, we are looking for a Fundraising Chair. As the hockey season kicks off, we're all reminded of one fact, hockey is EXPENSIVE! One of the best ways to offset the expense is by fundraising!  Do you have experience fundraising for a sports team or youth program?!? Do you have creative ideas you'd like to share with the Flyers teams?!? If so, we need you!

What does the role look like?

- Provide ideas to the teams for fundraising opportunities.

Help vet fundraising ideas to make sure they are allowable within the Flyers Organization.

-  Kick off year-round fundraising so we can start the season with a balance in each of the team's accounts!

You're welcome to recruit a team/friends to help build an outstanding fundraising committee!

Please reach out to Amanda Spee at president@foothillshockey.org or any of the board members if you're interested or if you know someone you think would be a good fit.