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About the Mite 8U Full Season Program

The Mite U8 Season begins on October 1 with practices and cross-ice activities.  Prior to November 1, all U8 players will participate in skills evaluations.  Players will be placed in a practice group and assigned to a team based on their skills evaluation.

The practice groups are designated as U8 Major and U8 Minor.   Major will consist of Advanced and upper Intermediate-level players.  Minor will consist of lower Intermediate and Beginner-level players.

The Major group will be focusing on game play along with skills development in preparation for travel hockey.  The practice to game ratio will be 2:1. 

The Minor group builds on the skills learned in programs like Future Flyers, Mile High Mite, and Learn to Skate.  The main focus will be skills development - skating, passing, shooting and understanding basic terms and positions.  The practice to game ratio will be 4:1.

Throughout the season, U8 teams will participate in jamborees (tournaments) located throughout the Denver metro area.  The number and frequency of jamborees that players participate in is at the discretion of the FHA Hockey Director. 

The U8 season concludes in late February/early March.

Practice Groups & Teams

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Gabe Gauthier

Hockey Director

Matt Steffen

U8 Age-Level Director

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