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Team Tryouts

In order to participate in team tryouts, players MUST BE REGISTERED for the season and be current on the payment schedule PRIOR to participating in training camp or tryouts.

Upon arrival at the rink:

  • Check-In just inside the rink entrance
  • Verify ALL registration materials are current and compete.    
  • Contact Registrar with questions before tryouts.
  • Receive tryout jersey. 

Evaluation Process

  • Players will be evaluated by the Hockey Operations Committee consisting of the Hockey Director, Coaching Director, Goalie Coach, and additional evaluators as invited by the Hockey Director.
  • The evaluators will observe, score and rank all players during the scheduled session.
  • The number of players kept for each team can vary.  The number of players on each team will be determined by the Hockey Director with input from the Hockey Operations Committee.
  • Tryouts will consist of skills, small area games, and full ice situations.

Notification Process

  • Players can expect releases/cuts to be posted after every session.
  • Acceptances/Releases will be posted on the Tryouts page or sent via e-mail.

Questions? Contact Us!

Gabe Gauthier

Hockey Director

Tryout Schedules